Edmonton Newborn & Family Photographer

Are you ready to ditch 'picture perfect' for 'beautifully real'?

Yes? Let's do it! I’m Kelly Marleau, a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in Edmonton. Life is stressful enough, your photo session shouldn't be. 

Have a baby on the way? We're going to show her how her story really began with a lifestyle newborn photo session. At home, surrounded by the people and things that matter most. 

Have munchkins who bound into your bed at 7am on a Saturday morning ready to pry your eyes open? Let's not worry about harnessing their energy and instead, let them play on the carpet in the morning sun beams while I document your day with a Family Story photo session.

Are you nourishing a little one's soul with your own body? Together, we'll capture your journey before it's over with a breastfeeding mini photo session. Because the bond you're building deserves to be seen from all angles. 

WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES ME TICK? (hint: it's so much more than photos!)

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She pushes the dining chair across the tile floor with all of her might, using her little arms to maneuver it around the kitchen island. She shifts it back and forth until it’s positioned “just right” it in front of the kitchen sink and climbs up.  She opens the cupboard and grabs her favourite hot pink plastic Ikea cup. Her bed head is illuminated by the light streaming through the window, and at the perfect angle, it’s clear what she’s going to look like in 10 years. She reaches across the dishes from last night to turn the tap on and fills her cup up.  She places it on the counter while she clambers down off the chair, moves the cup to the table and then pushes the chair back to the table, a sweet look of pride on her face.

And that moment? Is written on your heart, and yet gone in a heartbeat.

This is why I do what I do. To document beautifully mundane moments like this that will be gone in the blink of an eye. Because it won’t be long until she can reach the sink all on her own and she doesn’t care what colour her cup is.

This is my way of freezing time, if only for a few moments, frame by frame.

Because she won’t remember any of this, but you will.

Let's tell your family's story.