I’m Kelly Marleau, a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in Edmonton. I know that there’s a lot more to family than what shows on the pretty, polished surface; I’m the mother of two little girls, and even on the most hair-pulling, give me all the wine in the world days, it’s still the best job I’ve ever had. Looking through our family album, I’m astounded how quickly time goes by. But I realize that with my camera, I can slow the passage of time . . . if only for a hundredth of a second. That hundreth of a second is enough for me to remember the exact way my newborn baby girl's flaky-skinned feet rested against my husband's arm hours after she was born. And how those same feet now run/stumble in the grassy field behind our house as she attempts to keep up with her older sister.

Photography is my therapy and my love language; it's not just something I do, but is something I feel. I'm a hoarder of memories, and a visual storyteller. And so, I started my photography business to give other people the gift of documenting their lives in a beautiful way.

* The photos above were taken by Allison Gipson Photography

My happiest place is home with my husband and our girls, where we love having impromptu dance parties and building teeny tiny fairy houses. I use my iphone as a bit of a security blanket, drink more coffee than the daily recommended intake, and love the sound of the garage door at the end of the day when my husband comes home from work. And I can face anything that threatens my children with the strength of a titan, but just the thought of putting snow pants and mittens on either of them makes me break into a sweat.

But I wouldn’t trade any of it (even the sweaty mitten debacle) because it’s all part of my here and now. I crave authenticity and truth. I want my walls lined with images that make me smile, laugh, cry, and take my breath away.

And this? Is the driving force behind what I do; why I’m an ardent fan of being there when spontaneous laughs unfold, when fingers touch, when siblings stop squabbling, when you sit with your child and nourish his soul, and when you can’t stop staring at that beautiful newborn babe.

These truly are the times of your life.

So when you’re sitting in your living room with your little clan and in that moment you see how sweet life really is (despite that it’s far from picture perfect) and you wish that someone were there to capture all of you, just how you are, I will do that for you.

Document your every day with a Newborn, Family Story or Breastfeeding photo session.

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