Breastfeeding Sessions

To your baby, you are a superheroine.

And like all superheroine feats, it’s not always easy. But the results are beautiful.

This is a significant journey.


Breastfeeding is is an integral part of your motherhood experience; it shapes how you see yourself and how your baby sees you.

There are times when this journey moves slowly, and you wish you were still sleeping. Or re-sleeping. Or praying for daylight because that means the up-every-two-hours is over for the night.

And there are times when it moves quickly, and as soon as you’re comfortable with the routine between you and your baby, that baby becomes a toddler.

And sooner or later, you will be left with the mere memory of the drunken milk smiles, the steadfast eye contact, and those tiny fingers curled around yours.

Because all great love stories begin with a touch.

Regardless of the duration of your journey, breastfeeding is a once in a lifetime experience; you and your baby are sharing a connection very specific to the two of you.


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