Introducing EMERGE, an intimate photography session for mothers who want to reconnect with their sensual selves—and want the visual proof that it happened.

The Experience

Prepare for 2 hours of fun, chatting and rediscovering yourself.

We begin with a phone conversation (and some email correspondence). We’ll chat about what you’re hoping to get from the shoot . . . and how I can deliver that for you. On the day of your shoot, I’ll arrive at your home (because that’s where you’re most comfortable, and home is where you NEED to feel sexy). Put on your favourite music and grab a glass of wine, should you desire. I’ll support you through the entire experience, providing a calm environment, reassurance, and an empathetic ear. If you’re nervous about posing, don’t be! I’ll guide you through how to move your body to create photographs that show how truly beautiful you are. And don’t forget that laughter is sexy! Some of my favourite photographs are made when a woman falls out of a pose in laughter.

How to Prepare

There’s not much for you to do! Fix your hair and your makeup as you normally would (or perhaps amplify it a bit)—whatever is most comfortable for you.

Neutral shades are best (bright, bold colours and vivid patterns tend to grab the eye in photographs). For implied nudity, shades that are closest to your skin tone are fantastic. And to highlight your luscious curves, sheer fabrics are a great way to show a bit of skin without showing everything. (I do encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, however, because it’s within that space that transformation happens.) If you’ve got questions about what to wear, let’s chat.

What you DON’T need to do: Lose 20 pounds. Get a fake tan. Cover up your scars. Have a panic attack. You are beautiful, just as you are.

Because as important as it is that you be seen, seeing yourself is just as significant.

And that’s why I’m an advocate for printed photographs.

What You'll Receive

Within two weeks after your session, you’ll receive access to an online proofing gallery that includes a minimum of 25 hand-edited images. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll receive 6 5x7”museum-quality fine art prints with a hand-torn edge.

Because as important as it is that you be seen, seeing yourself is just as significant. And that’s why I’m an advocate for printed photographs. It’s easy to stick a USB in a drawer until it’s lost or forgotten or technology becomes obsolete. I don’t believe in robbing yourself of the joy of your memories. You are exquisitely tangible; your photographs should be, too.

Tell this story of you in a book by upgrading those 6 fine art prints into a boutique 8x8” lay-flat album. If you’re more of an unbound kind of woman, you can slide those sexy prints between the folds of a sleek Italian leather satchel. Unbound prints give you the freedom to hang different photographs on your walls, give as gifts to that special someone, or to relive each moment one print at a time. Digital files are also available for purchase. 

Pricing + Availability

I’m currently booking Emerge Sessions in the greater Edmonton area. In order to provide each woman with the attention she deserves, I accept a very limited number of sessions per month. 

Your session includes an in-home session + 6 fine art prints with a hand torn edge.

Session fee: $400 on weekdays; $500 on weekends.

Add-ons include:

Genuine leather satchel to hold prints: $95

Additional 5x7" prints - $28

Upgrade prints to an 8x8” flush mount album — $375

Per high resolution digital file/image — $100

All high resolution digital files/images on USB — $650

Note: all above prices are subject to 5% GST

You can secure a spot or ask any questions you have by completing the contact form below or by emailing me directly. I'll reply within 48 hours.

You'll never be more beautiful than you are right now. 


Book your EMERGE session by using the contact form (if you're on your phone scroll down to see the form) or send me an email to get the ball rolling on seeing yourself in a whole new way. 

If you're inquiring about a newborn/family session or photographer mentoring, please complete this form instead of the one below. 

Here's what'll happen next:

- I'll respond to your email within 48 hours.

- We'll chat more about your story and how we can make this experience meaningful for you.

- I'll send you my available dates.

- You'll say "YES, I deserve this!", and pay the session fee. 

- We'll talk about how to prepare, what to wear and how to relax (yes, relax, it's going to be good!)

- I'll show up at your house with my camera and a step stool, and we'll talk Mom to Mom for a few hours while I also climb on your furniture and squeeze into corners. (And yes while doing that, I'll also make some beautiful photos for you). 

- Within 2 weeks I'll send you a link to your full gallery where you can decide what prints and albums you can't live without because you've now really seen yourself.