Edmonton Family Photographer

“Picture perfect” is an urban myth.

Perfectly posed.

Perfectly coiffed.

Perfectly dressed.

Perfectly behaved.

Perfectly not your children.

Your life is beautifully real. Messy. Full. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Because perfectly imperfect is your family’s byline.

She wears her rain boots on sunny days, and every day in between.

He dons his Superman cape like a proud uniform.

They fight about who gets to sit next to you first.

He breaks into uncontrollable giggles for absolutely no reason.

She holds your pinky finger through every feeding.

The way he looks at you when you don’t know he’s looking at you.

Your living room is always well-lived, showcasing the remnants of the day like a comfortable museum.

The best moments of your life are unscripted. Genuine. Hectic. Touching. Funny. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Show them the story of your lives, just as you are.


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