Need a nudge? Or a high five? Or maybe you just fell in love with photography and were head over heels for a while, but are now feeling a bit lacklustre. You want to feel the love again but have no idea how to get past the insecurities and roller coaster of emotions.

That's why I am here! 

I've been there and needed all of that. I've been in the trenches of photography, with both personal and client shooting and have dug my way out, one click of the shutter at a time. I've done it, so that I can help you do it too.

The packages and courses I've created are built out of my own experiences and are exactly the type of things I'd have wanted when I was trying to define my style and purpose in this confusing world of photography. 

I'm here for you!

Just like in my client sessions, I CARE about who I work with. Book a mentoring session with me and I can guaratnee you'll get my DEDICATION, empathatic ears and truthful style while we work together.

Note: All mentoring and e-course prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS.


Ready to up your in-home photography game? Do you have a passion for beautifully real moments that unfold naturally through a lifestyle or documentary style? If you answered yes, then you're in the right place! 

Individualized mentoring for photographers of any skill level - both client and personal work.Want some guidance in way that isn't listed below or have a question about any of the offerings? Shoot me an email and we'll figure out a plan just for you.

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Have you ever been super excited about a shot, then imported it to Lightroom and sat and stared at it not knowing what to do next? Should it be colour? Black and white? Cropped? It feels lacklustre but you just can't figure out WHY!

Would it be helpful to sit and watch someone edit? Listen to why certain tools are chosen? Watch how to take an image from blah to dramatic black and white?

That's what this e-class is all about! I've taken everything I've learned from years of editing both client and personal images and am giving it to you

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