Don’t fret. This isn’t going to be stressful! By the end we are totally going to be friends. 

Friends? With my photographer? YES! I make art from my heart, and my heart produces better art when there is a connection. Because more than a client, you are a human being, and human beings should connect with other human beings.

How is that going to happen? 


We are going to correspond over email and the phone to make sure we are a good fit. We’ll chat about what you’re thinking about for your session . . . and how I can provide that for you. I’ll send you my detailed pricing guide which outlines all of the session options. Then we'll do a bit of paperwork (sorry, it has to be done, but I make it as painless as possible) in the form of payment, a client agreement and a getting-to-know-you questionnaire (truth be told, the questionnaire is sort of fun!). 


A few weeks prior to your newborn or family session we’ll set a date for pre-session coffee. I’ll take your coffee order (no, I was never a barista, but I do have a pretty special ability to rattle off multi-step coffee/tea orders, so don’t be afraid to test me), drive to Starbucks and pick up coffee for all of us. Then, we’ll hang out for half an hour in your home and chat about your session; we’ll talk about how to prepare, what to wear and what will happen after the session. I’ll also play lego or princess dress-up with your kids (or love on your fur babies if you’re waiting on your baby to be born). By the time I bring my camera out, we will have talked all about your hopes for the session and for your family….so, it’s more like hanging out with a friend (who happens to have a camera) than a photo shoot.


On the big day I’ll arrive at your home (on-time!) and together we’ll make some seriously beautiful images. There’s no need to panic about bundling everyone up and getting out of the house on time. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by all of the things you love. There will also be no plastered on smiles, stiff posing or worrying about everyone being perfect. Instead, you'll stare at that newborn babe, or drink coffee (because parents need coffee!), or read books, or paint masterpieces, or make lunch for hungry bellies, or breastfeed in your comfiest chair. And throughout it all, I’ll be there chatting with you - Mom to Mom. 


I know you're super excited to see your images, and I’m just as excited to get them to you! Believe it or not, I get almost as emotionally attached to your images as you will. Within a few days I’ll send you a sneak peek - to hold you over until your full gallery is ready. 

And then, the best part. The slideshow! As part of your newborn or family session fee, you’ll receive a photo slideshow set to professionally licensed music picked just for you (by me!). Slideshows are my absolute favourite part of your session. I put my heart and soul into creating each slideshow to best tell your story and I can guarantee you’re going to watch it over and over again (and you’ll probably cry, I usually do while making them).  Your slideshow is also a beautiful way to share your story with those you love.  

Along with your slideshow you’ll also receive a link to view your full gallery of images. Each image is carefully hand-edited and chosen to help tell your story. Within the gallery you’ll have the option to purchase digital file collections and/or a-la-carte print products. I’m a not-so-secret advocate of printing photographs (because who’s going to ooh and aah over that USB after Thanksgiving dinner?), so I would love to see your photos in a custom Story Book or Heirloom Album designed specifically for you. 

Lastly, because I know you’re a busy Mama, I’ll also hand design a birth announcement or holiday card for you featuring images from your session. There’s no need to search through a million templates - I’ll do all of that work for you and perfectly tailor it to your style. You can then email the card out to the world, have it printed through me, or send it to your favourite printer and mail it out via snail mail (because who doesn’t love REAL mail that isn’t a bill??). 


Newborn and family sessions are a session fee + the option to purchase digital collections and/or print products after your session.  This allows you to SEE the best images from your session in a digital online gallery and then choose what is going to work best for your family. Do you want an album to flip through over and over? I've got you covered. Do you have family far away and want digital files to send to them? No problem. You pick what your heart wants - it's as easy as that! 

Newborn & family sessions begin at $450. The average client invests $1100-$1300 on their newborn or family photos. 

Breastfeeding sessions begin at $450, which includes an in-home mini session + select digital files. 

Send me a note today and I'll send you back an email chock full of details about the session and available packages. 

I'm now booking newborn, family and breastfeeding photo sessions in the greater Edmonton area (Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain). In order to give each family the time they deserve, I only accept a limited number of sessions per month. Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule your session. Newborn sessions should be booked prior to the baby arriving, and a session date will then be reserved approximately 2-3 weeks after your due date (and can be adjusted as needed).