Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Of all the adventures you’ve planned in your life, this is the grandest.

Tiny fingers and toes. Clenched fists. Wrinkly skin. Rounded belly. Milky grins. And itty bitty yawns that make you smile at the wonder of it all. Friday nights out have been replaced with, “Let’s stay home and stare at the baby.”

Your home is alive with renewed spirit and energy (even if you are so tired you can’t see straight). This rite of passage for you and your family is the first chapter of the rest of your lives.

And while it’s true that this baby will always be yours, your newborn will be only be a newborn for about eight weeks. And all the things that you think you’ll remember about this part of your beautiful voyage will be lost to the rush of time and reality.

For all the ways you think you want to stop time—to preserve this phase of your lives—it marches forward. It changes you. Transforms you. And that tiny face that bewilders and exhilarates you is like gazing into your future.

Because that little person you carried under your heart? Now carries yours.


Show your baby how your story began. Because at some point, he will ask.

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