fiddle leaf photography

I'm a hoarder of memories, and a visual storyteller. And so, I started my photography business to give other people the gift of documenting their lives in a beautiful way.

I’m Kelly: lover of insanely hot showers, spicy pickles, early mornings, kids who sleep in, and country music.

about kelly

Whatever place you’re in and whatever point you’re at. You’re here…it’s yours….claim it. I believe this because I live it daily; my life isn’t picture perfect, but it’s still flipping amazing and it deserves to be immortalized as a visual diary of sorts.

I’m an extremely driven, organized creative person, which isn’t always the norm in this industry. But, this is like gold for you because it means that I’ll show up on time (I get heart palpitations when I’m late), respond to emails, follow up when needed, do what I say AND get your photos back to you quickly. Flighty is not a word that will show up on my tombstone!

This gig is my full time job, but when I’m not looking through a viewfinder, editing images, answering emails or writing blog posts, I can usually be found joking around with my husband and trying to wrangle 2 little spitfires who call me Mama.

Photography is my therapy and my love language; it's not just something I do, but is something I feel. 

I worry that I'm screwing up my children every single day, but I also know that I'm a really good mom - sometimes that's a weird space to be in. Raising girls who love princesses, unicorns, and Barbie, while also trying to make them independent, strong, and fierce is not an easy task.



I loathe fluff and pretence, and will go out of my way to avoid fake anything (trees, strawberry flavour, sugar, people).


I believe spontaneous beauty can appear anywhere you decide it can. 


I want to live in a world where human beings truly connect with other human beings.


I believe kitchen dance parties and a generous pour of pinot noir can solve a lot of the day’s problems. 


I know I’m damn good at my job and I also know I can make your life look like gallery-worthy art, because it is - I promise - you just can’t see it yet, but I can. 




Shot my first family session for a friend

Officially formed Fiddle Leaf Photography, mostly focusing on families


Became a regular contributor to The Stories We Tell blog

Accepted into ClickPro

Started contributing regularly to the ClickPro Daily Project

Shot my first in-home newborn session while also 36 weeks pregnant myself (was instantly hooked and there was no turning back)


Published on the Clickin Mom’s blog

Published on Let The Kids

Featured photographer and cover image on Birth Issues magazine

Feature article on Click it up a Notch (use photography projects to enhance client work)

Black and white editing feature in Click magazine

Published in Lemonade and Lenses for the first time


Published on Lemonade and Lenses for the second time

2 page article in Click magazine

Finalist in 2 categories of the Voice Collection competition in the Love & Connection and Happiness categories

Began offering mentoring to photographers

Published for a second time on the Clickin Moms’s blog (creative in-home framing)


Published on Click It Up a Notch (unexpected newborn images)

Published article on the Click blog

Launched EMERGE sessions

Founded the Edmonton chapter of the Rising Tide Society




Launched Unscripted with Jenny Rusby Photography

Featured photo in the National Geographic Editor’s Spotlight

Published on the bump (how to take your own newborn photos)

Published on the CLickin Mom's blog (how to photograph your road trip)

Published on the shutterstock blog

Published on popsugar

Launched fine art school photos

named on of the top 100 female photographers to watch in 2020

hired a studio manager

wrapped up the year photographing 64 family & newborn sessions and over 750 kids for fine art school portraits.

bought my first DSLR



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about you

You’re not adverse to a good challenge; be it grad school, running a marathon, picking the perfect grey paint colour, or raising a kid. 

You need a photographer who understands your life and can find the absolute beauty in your limited quiet moments at home. You need someone to make the process easy, simple and efficient. 

You need someone who will win over your kids and your spouse and won’t leave you all staring at each other in awkward silence not knowing what to do next.

You’re a little bit terrified that you’re going to mess this whole parenting thing up (don’t worry, you are definitely not alone in that fear!), but I know you aren’t going to. Because you’re just that type of person...the one who digs in and will do the hard work it takes to make it work.

Your phone (which is close by most of the time) is jam-packed with photos of your loved ones, but email, podcasts, and screenshots of quick recipes you nabbed off Instagram are also represented well. You try so frigging hard, and yet, it sometimes feels like you can’t do it all; that someone is always losing. You’re not afraid to admit that you don’t want that ‘someone’ to be your family. You were there for them and they deserve to see it.

You’re a decision maker who recognizes the value of quality over quantity.

You need someone who can see the magical moments, but who at the same time, will make sure you don’t have a double chin. I can do that for you.

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