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Honest Moments

Memories shouldn't be staged. I won't tell you how to feed your baby, when to bear-hug your kiddo, or that you need to glance at your husband just a little longer because I missed it. You deserve to remember these quiet moments at home just as they naturally happened. My goal is that your final gallery will be filled with images that tell a story, and 20 years from now, will bring you right back to this time in your life (tired eyes and love drunk smiles included).

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Modern Portraits

Candid moments tell the story, but it's the portraits we hang on our walls, so those are just as important to get right. In between the moments, I'll make sure I capture those timeless images that will make your friends and family jealous that they don't have them too. This doesn't mean that you'll ever be forced to smile or tilt your head a certain way. Modern portraits are casual, slightly directed, and ooze love that is 100% natural and abundant.

see honest moments

I’m all about making things as efficient and seamless as possible, because you're busy (that's the truth, not a badge of honour), and being able to check BOOK PHOTO SESSION off of your very long to-do list should not cause more stress.

Here's what's going to happen next:

working together


You're feelin' this, so you raise your hand and say, “YES, Kelly is the woman for us”.  Head on over and shoot me a message. You'll tell me a bit more about your family and I'll send you complete pricing.


You'll review the pricing and options and then book your session and pay the session fee. BOOM! Done all via one email and in less than 10 minutes. 


Once I receive your booking I'll email you a confirmation, welcome guide and video chat info for your pre-session. We'll have a quick 20 min pre-session date to talk about what to expect, how to prepare and how amazing this will be.



3 weeks later you’ll have an email linking you to your slideshow (my favourite part + probably yours too!) and your online viewing gallery. You’ll ooh and ahh and probably cry. Then you'll decide what digital images and/or products you can't live without.


On our session day I’ll arrive at your home (on-time!) and together we’ll make some seriously beautiful images. I'll capture all the moments + beautiful portraits. You’ll turn to your partner when I leave and say, “well, that was easy!”. 


This includes a pre-session video chat, a 2 hour session in your home or at another location that's special to you, and a slideshow set to professionally licensed music. After your session, you'll then have the option to purchase digital images and/or products. The average client invests $1500 in their photos. 

digital images + print products including albums, wall art and cards can be purchased after your session.

Newborn and Family PHOTO sessions begin at $490 + gst.

Contact Me To Book Your Session

"If I could give Kelly all the stars I would. Her focus is on connection, not just capturing it, but nurturing her own connection with you, making you feel appreciated and valued."


frequently asked


As every family is different, pricing is set to reflect that. You pay a session fee and then after the session, you can decide which products or digital images you'd like to have forever. All full sessions (newborn, family, extended family) are all priced exactly the same. Having a baby and interested in newborn + milestone sessions? Contact me for CLUB FIDDLE LEAF options. 

No! Ideally we’d schedule your session before you have your baby as then we’ll have more flexibility on session dates, but if you’ve just had your baby and realize now that you want photos of this special time, it’s not too late. Shoot me a message and I’ll do everything I can to fit you in ASAP.

YES! I often have more flexibility in my calendar if you can make a weekday work, but if you’re only available on weekends then that’s when we’ll schedule your session. 

YES PLEASE! Your pets are part of your family and I truly believe they should be a part of your photo session too! I am used to dogs licking my lens and cats crawling on me during sessions! Want to know more about this? Here’s a blog post about how we can incorporate pets into your newborn session.

Nope! The majority of my work is done in my client’s homes, but I am always open to heading outside if that’s what’s important to you. In family sessions we often start in your home and then move outside to burn off some energy.

The night of our session I’ll send you a sneak peek photo to hold you over, then, in about 2-3 weeks you’ll have access to view your fully edited gallery of images and decide what to purchase.

I do! If you're looking for multiple sessions in a year (for example, maternity or 6 month baby milestone sessions), then I have the place for you - CLUB FIDDLE LEAF. The doors to CLUB FIDDLE LEAF only open a few times a year, but if you're having a baby, I can usually be convinced to open them up especially for you. Shoot me a note and I'll send you all of the details! 

First, take a deep breath. I have 2 very rambunctious kids - I get it! Second, kids aren’t meant to sit still, so instead of asking them to, I’m going to document what your life is really like. I am very good at chasing after toddlers and getting the shots you want even if we move for the whole 2 hours we are together. 

Time for a bit of a brag here....I'm good. Really good. I not only make beautiful images, I also take care of YOU. That means I'm on top of things and I value YOU. I also spend a lot of time getting to know you so that you aren't just a number. You're a FAMILY and you have a STORY, and I'll dig and dig until I figure out how to best tell it for you. You will never be left wondering what to do next, when your images are coming, or if I'll show up on time (I'm always's a thing!). 

Ok, maybe this isn’t an FAQ, but it does sometimes come up at sessions! Seriously, kids make parents talk about wine! For the record, my favourite wine is Concannon Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Ready for the visual proof of all you have? you've manifested this, and it's time to see how frigging amazing it is.


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