fiddle leaf photography

You have a camera. You know how to work it. You even know how to make some good art.
Now - it's time to go from good to great.

for photographers

Let me guess.

You have an inbox full of freebie downloads that you've never looked at again and the 'advice' you're getting feels like it doesn't apply to your situation. 

Here's what I can do for you:
•Filter through the noise. Repeat after me, "I'll stop thinking free advice will help me."
• Tailor a program that will not only help you see success, but will also keep you accountable. 
• Help you walk into your clients' homes with swagger (it's time to stop shaking in your boots!) and leave your sessions knowing  you've got the goods.
• Help you hone your craft while still maintaining your own unique artistic voice. 

That's why I am here! 

Let's fast-track you. It took me 8 years in business (and if we're being honest, far too many frustration tears) to get where I am now. Along the way I've learned from the school of hard-knocks and I'm here to share all of it with you. So that you can stop doing all the trial-and-error-ing and, instead, know exactly what you need to do and how to implement it. 

one-on-one mentoring

Individualized mentoring is for you if  you are comfortable with shooting in manual, understand the basics of working with natural light and can mostly find your way around Lightroom. 

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Are you hoping for something different than what's offered in these listed packages? Shoot me an email and let's figure out what will work best for you. 

ASK ME one thing