fiddle leaf photography

The Final Image – Garage Light

Jun 10, 2016

  1. Wow Kelly, amazing! I just watched the whole thing and will pin it for future too! Thanks so much for sharing! I loved how you talked through your settings and lens too, very helpful. I’ve been trying to shoot with is0 100 or as close to as possible, because every tutorial I’ve watched says 100 is the crisp iso, you must shoot with it. I call bull crap now!!! 😉 Thanks again! 

    • Kelly says:

      Oh yes, total bull crap! The only way you could shoot ISO 100 all the time is if you shot outside in the sun all the time or with a tripod. When i do client sessions I’m routinely over ISO 4000. The other day I was cranked right up to 8000. As long as you expose correctly and make the shadows work for you it’s totally doable. (Also, gear can make a huge difference with ISO capabilities).

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